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Dental implants make it possible to replace one or more missing teeth.
The dental implant is similar to a screw on which two other components will rest, an intermediate prosthetic piece and the crown.

Dental implants are an excellent rehabilitation solution in aesthetic and functional terms, with the biggest advantage being that the teeth remain fixed.

Carrying out this type of treatment may involve several steps and other types of surgeries. However, we remind you that any treatment is unique to the person and only after an evaluation with your Dentist will it be possible to decide on a better treatment plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, to return the smile of one of the arches, 4 to 6 implants may be enough.

It is necessary to carry out specific radiographic examinations that can be performed in our clinic.

They may last or not, it depends on several factors.

Until delivering the permanent teeth it can take 4 months or more. In some cases it is possible to perform temporary teeth on the day of surgery.

No. Dental implants can also help to rehabilitate total or partial cases with removable prostheses, such as overdentures. In addition, there are also implants used to assist in orthodontic treatments.

There are many people who take different medications and have health problems who can undergo implant placement surgeries. You need to make a more careful evaluation together with your doctor.


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