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This is the area responsible for organizing and redistributing the teeth in the right position, as well as promoting correct orofacial growth.

It is possible to carry out an orthodontic treatment by placing conventional fixed appliances (brackets) or using aligners (transparent gutters). Each technique has its indication and are both effective.

When performing an orthodontic treatment, you will improve the aesthetics of your smile and the occlusion of your teeth, increasing your masticatory function. In addition, in cases of crowding, the correct alignment of the teeth will allow for better hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cases vary greatly from person to person, it can last from a few months to a few years. However, the average is around 24 months (2 years).

It’s possible to perform an orthodontic treatment with other techniques, such as, dental aligners.

They are transparent plastic splints that will apply forces to teeth guiding to where they should move. It is a more aesthetic solution and easier to clean.

Orthodontic treatment requires high control after the end of the treatment. At the end of the treatment, fixed and/or removable retainers are provided to prevent tooth movement. Naturally, our teeth are able to move. Without retainers it is difficult to prevent the teeth from moving again.

It is not normal. If you gained more cavities after placing braces, it is because you were not cleaning your teeth correctly between the brackets and wires. There are brushes and other tools that complement oral-hygiene during treatment, as well as, a specific technique. Talk to your orthodontist.

It is not necessary to have all permanent teeth to start orthodontic treatment. In many children with mixed dentition, it is necessary to perform interceptive treatments with fixed and/or removable appliances to promote the correct growth of the arches. Postponing early orthodontic treatment may impair certain results.


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